What We Do

For our staff and our Board of Directors, in some ways, everyday is different, but in other ways everyday is the same. The tasks of one day can be wildly different from the next, but everyday we’re working to support and grow Indiana 4-H members and programs.

Grants + Endowments

A big part of what we do is seek out, apply for, and administer grants that support, further, and in some instances, initiate Indiana 4-H programming. Additionally, the Indiana 4-H Foundation is entrusted with several endowment funds that support aspects of Indiana 4-H in perpetuity. Click here to learn about some of the Grants and Endowments that are infusing Indiana 4-H with financial security and the promise of a future.

Loans + Scholarships

We’re also proud that we work hard to provide many opportunities for loans and scholarships for our outstanding Indiana 4-H youth who are moving on to higher education. Each year, we are involved in awarding nearly $130,000 in scholarships to Indiana 4-H youth including Foundation Scholarships, Accomplishment Scholarships, and several named scholarships. Additionally, the Foundation administers two interest-free loan programs for Purdue academic juniors and seniors. For more information about financial aid opportunities through the Indiana 4-H Foundation, visit our Loans + Scholarships page.