What We Fund

The Indiana 4-H Foundation has become a reliable source of support for several signature programs and resources for Indiana 4-H Youth Development. Annually, these “funding requests” total more than $100,000. Read more about becoming a sponsor, sponsorship opportunities, and programs we fund below.


Becoming a sponsor of a signature program, event, or resource can provide your organization with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of 4-H youth and communities across the state. Additionally, your company will earn recognition for its generosity and a reputation for investing in the present and future generations of Hoosier youth.

Healthy Living

A core commitment of 4-H is health, as evidenced by the four Hs in the 4-H clover: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. 4-H is committed to the physical, mental, and emotional health of our nation’s youth so that they may lead healthy and productive lives into adulthood.


The United States is falling dangerously behind other nations in developing its future workforce of scientists, engineers and technology experts. To ensure global competitiveness, we must act now to prepare the next generation of leaders in these fields.


Since its beginning, 4-H has placed heavy emphasis on the importance of young people developing into engaged, well-informed citizens. Because youth are able to connect to their communities and leaders through 4-H, they understand their role in civic affairs and are able to expand their roles in decision-making processes. Civic engagement provides the foundation that helps youth understand the big picture of community life and learn the skill sets that will allow them to become wise leaders for the future of our state, nation, and world.

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