Make a Lasting Impact

Making a Long-Term Investment in 4‑H Youth

Indiana 4‑H Foundation’s endowment funds are held and invested by the Purdue Research Foundation through a special agreement. This allows us to receive great returns on investments. These funds support a specific purpose or program in perpetuity and are spent in such a way that the principle investment remains intact.

Endowments are funds that are restricted to specific purposes and are spent in such a way that the principal investment remains intact. Essentially, endowments support their designated purposes in perpetuity.


The Foundation currently has just over $850,000 invested in 37 endowments for scholarships and 4‑H programs.

We give out over $130,000 in scholarships each year to approximately 220 4‑H youth. Each year we have over 900 scholarship applications.

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If you would like to learn more about establishing an endowment to provide ongoing funding for a particular program or award, contact the Foundation’s Executive Director.

Endowment Basics

An endowment gift of $25,000 will provide funding for a $1,000 per year scholarship. There is a $25,000 minimum* to establish an endowment with the Foundation.  Endowments can be restricted to a county or multiple counties.  The ultimate goal is to ensure endowments are broad enough to include programs or scholarships for the future, so it will be awarded in perpetuity.

*Endowments can be completed as cash gifts over five years or established as a part of a planned gift. 

Current Endowments

  • Richard Eugene Ladd 4‑H Scholarship – Supports 4‑H scholarships in Grant County
  • Wayne and Barbara Jennings 4‑H Scholarship Fund – Supports Hendricks County Scholarships
  • Paulette LeCount-Dowden Fashion Revue/Sewing Accomplishment Scholarship – Supports the annual Sewing/Fashion Revue Accomplishment Scholarship
  • 4‑H Electric Fund – Supports the 4‑H Electric Project
  • Alice Gentry Memorial Endowment – Supports Hamilton County Scholarships in memory of Alice Gentry
  • Cline Endowment – Supports 4‑H Junior Leader Programs
  • Crooks Endowment – Supports Extension Staff Education Grants
  • Doc Abel Endowment – Supports Citizenship and Leadership Training in honor of Dr. Robert Abel
  • Harter 4‑H Scholarship – Supports Wayne County Scholarships
  • Indiana Retired Extension Staff Endowment – Supports Leader Training
  • International Program Endowment – Supports International 4‑H Experiences
  • Lancaster 4‑H Horsemanship/Camp Scholarship – Supports Horsemanship Camp Scholarships
  • Legacy Fund/Pauline Beck Family Endowment – Supports Hamilton County Scholarships and Awards
  • McKinzie Endowment – Supports the General Fund and Indiana 4‑H Congress
  • Staff Research Endowment – Supports 4‑H Staff Research Grants
  • State Fair Sale of Champions Fund – Supports Livestock Curriculum and Equipment


  1. Indiana 4-H Leadership Summit

    November 21 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm