Achieve Greatness with 4‑H

These scholarships are based solely on 4‑H achievements and support recipients in their different avenues of post-high school education. They are awarded to members who live up to the 4‑H motto of making the best better.

Each fall, applications are accepted through the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Office of the member’s home county. Foundation scholarships are awarded at the county level and are often supported by individuals, Extension groups, companies and organizations throughout the state. These contributors, along with the contributions of the Indiana 4‑H Foundation, enable more than 200 members each year to be Foundation Scholarship recipients.


Special thanks to our Scholarship Sponsors:

  • Alice Gentry 4‑H Scholarship Endowment
  • Beck’s Hybrids (through Legacy fund)
  • Cargill Agricultural Supply Chain North America
  • Creighton Brothers LLC
  • Eddleman Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Jennings Scholarship Endowment
  • Keefus Scholarship Endowment
  • Monroe County 4‑H Board of Directors
  • Richard Ladd Scholarship Endowment
  • Robert E. and Maureen K. Anderson Scholarship Endowment

2020 Foundation Senior Scholarship Winners


In 2020, 33 Accomplishment Scholarships have been awarded to 4‑H members who have excelled in specific project areas. Scholarship recipients are selected through a competitive application process that begins with written applications, résumés, and life skill reflection essays being submitted by applicants in the late fall. Applications are screened by a preliminary panel of judges and selected applicants are later interviewed by a team of judges who make final selections.


Special thanks to our Endowment Scholarship Sponsors:

  • Don and Jackie Kremer Family 4‑H Scholarship Endowment
  • Paulette LeCount-Dowden Scholarship Endowment
  • Barbara J. Faris Scholarship Endowment
  • Katie Stam Irk Servant Leadership sponsored by Gerald & Robin Nickel
  • Stubbe Truitt 4‑H Scholarship Endowment for Leadership

Special thanks to our Scholarship Sponsors:

  • Purdue College of Agriculture
  • Kiefer Dairy Consulting
  • American Dairy Association of Indiana, Inc.
  • Lois Ellen Byers
  • Kentland Veterinary Clinic
  • McKinney Farms
  • Indiana Turkey Market Development Council
  • Orscheln Industries Foundation
  • Regions Bank
  • CERES Solutions Cooperative
  • Electric Plus Inc.
  • David and Kendra Weidmayer
  • Thomas P. Murphy
  • The National Group
  • Hoosier Ag Today
  • David and Julia Byers
  • David and Donna Avolt
  • Corinne Wagner
  • June Ann Ladd
  • John A. Garr II
  • Dr. Robert and Cecilia Ritchie Scholarship
  • Thomas P. Murphy
  • AgReliant Genetics
  • Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  • John A. Garr II
  • In Memory of Janet Allen
  • Corteva Agriscience
  • Indiana State Fair Commission

The Foundation administers two interest-free loan programs for academic juniors and seniors at Purdue University – the Bob Amick Loan Fund and the Myers Family 4‑H Loan.

Students are eligible for one loan from one fund per academic year with a maximum of two loans during their academic junior and senior years. Additionally, students who are given one of these loans in their junior years cannot apply for a second loan until they have made academic progress and are classified as seniors.

Click on the application links below to learn more about the specific eligibility requirements and repayment stipulations.

Amick Loan Application

Myers Family 4‑H-Loan Fund Application