Indiana 4-H Legacy Society

The Indiana 4-H Foundation is proud to share with you the members of the Indiana 4-H Legacy Society. These dedicated individuals have informed the Indiana 4-H Foundation of planned gifts that they have pledged for the Foundation.

A planned gift is one that is planned for a future date, either several years from now or at the end of life. Planned gifts most commonly include will bequests, but can also include life insurance policies, charitable gift annuities, and a number of other giving methods. While a planned gift does not provide the Foundation with a cash gift now, it does help ensure the long-term future of the Indiana 4-H Foundation and its support for Indiana 4-H programs and youth.

Having advance knowledge of individuals’ planned gifts helps the Foundation plan for its longevity. If you have made provisions for Indiana 4-H in your will, please email us for a planned gift pledge form. Those who have pledged a planned gift can choose whether or not to be listed as members of the Indiana 4-H Legacy Society.

Planned giving, while not something that people discuss often, is an easy, affordable, and accessible way to give. Even young people can take advantage of planned giving options. For more information about planned giving and to discuss different methods of giving and their benefits, contact our office today.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always email us or call us at 765.494.8483.

Indiana 4-H Legacy Society

Dr. Robert M. Abel*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Maurine* Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Deborah Bechman
Mrs. Hollie Bunn
Ms. Lorene Burkhart
Mrs. Lois Ellen Byers
Mrs. Christy Denault and Dr. Jeffry Denault
Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Martha DeVoe
Mrs. Alma M. Dinsmore*
Nola Gentry* and Ned Derhammer
Mrs. Priscilla M. Gerde
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Cynthia Grimm
Jane Hildenbrand
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Jackie* Kremer
Mr. James Luzar and Mrs. Ella Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Karen McKinney
Mrs. Deborah Myers-Cook and Mr. Ronald Cook
Mr. Dennis Polk
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Judy Singleton
Mrs. Annie Watts Cloncs and Mr. Richard Cloncs
Mrs. Helen L. Witte
Ms. Pandora J. Woodward

*Deceased members

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